Sunday, July 25, 2021

‘Upword’ website and ‘Uprising’ app: great Indic content for curious mind

Desk: You may not have heard about Sitaram Goel, Ram Swarup or even J Sai Deepak. Most of us Indians are unaware of the existence of such Indic doyens, thanks to our completely colonial education system and completely biased mainstream media.

However, there are several groups of Indians who are constantly working to undo the colossal distortion heaped on Indic culture and dharmic legacy.

One of the most notable among such intiatives and groups is undoubtably Upword.

Upword is a not-for-profit knowledge platform for inquiring minds. They produce well-researched content in the form of short videos that articulate a coherent response to the major challenges faced by the planet. The content is presented by reputed domain experts, scholars and researchers.

Upword is a project that keeps India at its heart. Founded by indomitable Ashish Dhar and Ajay Sharma, it has the backing of several Indic thinkers.

Upword’s main USP has been its well-made videos. These videos are not only thought-provoking, but sleekly produced too.

Ashish Dhar has been a renowned journalist and he brings in all his journalistic experience to this project.

He has roped in not only the best content producers, but also great thinkers like J Sai Deepak and Dr. Bharat Gupta and several others.

Upword’s YouTube Channel has already logged 113,000 subscribers. However, the best way to consume the great content, especially videos, produced by Upword and keep up with the current Indic thoughts, is to download its app Uprising from Google Play.

The app is still being fine-tuned. Yet, it gives one a wonderful experience of going through some great content produced by thought leaders from the intellectual battle field of India.

We strongly recommend Upword website and Uprising app for some great content that are unparalleled and these may perhaps change, or at least enrich, your views about India.

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