Monday, September 20, 2021

Press photographer helps woman in need, earns praise from colleagues

Jamshedpur: A press photographer Amjad earned praise from journalists and colleagues by helping a woman in labour and rushing her to the labour room in the gynaecology ward of MGMCH in time.

According to information received, the pregnant woman had arrived with her 5-year-old at the hospital. The tempo driver left her at the hospital gate and did not take her to the gynaecology ward.

However, the woman was in extreme labour pain and was crying for help.

The press photographer saw her and requested other women to help her. However, his request did not elicit much of a response from any woman. Seeing her condition, he himself took initiative and carried her to the labour room. He also urged the nurse and the doctor to start her treatment.

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His intervention worked and the doctor and the nurse attended to the patient immediately.

The woman was later identified as a resident of Bagunhatu. The 5-year-old child was taken to the police camp and was taken care of by the home guard jawans.

Later, the family members too reached the hospital. The woman is now in the labour room and is in a safe condition.

The family members of the woman thanked the press photographer Amjad.

All colleagues and journalists of the city also praised and congratulated Amjad for his noble work and presence of mind in helping the woman.

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