Sunday, July 25, 2021

AIBEA celebrates 52nd anniversary of bank nationalisation

Jamshedpur: All India Bank Employees Association celebrated the 52nd anniversary of bank nationalisation and held programmes at different places of Jamshedpur.

During the program organised on Monday, the deputy general secretary of the Association, Heera Arakane, protested against the privatisation of banks by the central government. He also hoisted the flag of AIBEA on the occasion.

He said that 14 banks were nationalised in 1969, 5 banks in 1979 and a total of 20 banks including State Bank of India were nationalised.

He said that soon after the bank nationalisation, small scale industries and many other industries were established.

However, he added, the present central government is privatising banks to benefit the capitalists, which is harmful for the development of the country.

He said that the development of the country is possible only with the nationalisation of banks.

A signature campaign is being conducted across the country by the All India Bank Employees Association in protest against this policy of the Central Government, he said.

Appealing to the countrymen, he said that they should come forward against the privatisation of banks and oppose the economic policies of the the central government.

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He said that very soon the association will collect 10 lakh signatures from all over the country and hand it over to the President of the country and the Speaker of the Parliament.

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They will also demand to withdraw the decision to privatise banks. Hundreds of bank employees participated in the programme.

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