Friday, August 19, 2022

Afghanistan: Back to Stone Age


Taliban has defeated the entire humanity. The world has abandoned the people of Afghanistan and especially its women and children to their fate. And the sad thing is that no one can do anything about it.

The Vice President of Afghanistan has said that the Taliban are actually being led by the Special Units of Pakistan Army. This is an obvious fact that everyone knows, but no one finds its appropriate to acknowledge and accept openly. Especially, in the US and the West. Because acknowledging this blatant fact would be an admission to defeat at the hands of Pakistan Army and its machinations and guile.

Taliban fighters are exported to Afghanistan from the suburbs and hills of Pakistan. After the Taliban fighters die, their dead bodies are brought back to Pakistan. Taliban are supported openly by the Pakistan junta as well as the general masses. They collect donations from the public openly. In short, Taliban are nothing but a wing of Pakistan Army.

With the return of Taliban rule, the future of women and children, as well as people who believe in peace and freedom, looks bleak.

Taliban is already making noises and is making it clear that gay men will be crushed to death as part of a nationwide return to Sharia law in Afghanistan.

A Taliban judge has made it clear that there would be provisions of cutting hands and legs off thieves and there would be a permit system for women to leave their homes, while gay men would be executed by toppling walls on them.

The judge was quoted as saying: ‘That was our goal and always will be.’

There are reports from Balkh that Afghanistan are distributing leaflets ordering the citizens to follow severe regulations on the lines of those that were enforced by them when they ruled the nation between 1996 to 2001.

The collapse of the government security forces has been rapid in Afghanistan as the US exit has brought about a sense of despondency among the forces.

During the last 20 years, Afghan government had built up a strong fighting force. They could have held up, if only the US was not in a hurry to leave.

The haste, with which the US forces are leaving, indicates the desperation with which US leaderships wants to extract itself from the mess created in Afghanistan.

Whatever modicum of progress that was achieved by Afghanistan is now up for grabs.

While, the country’s future looks bleak, the implications for its women and children would be much more dangerous.

Taliban forces fancy themselves living in 7th century and they would do everything to ensure that the country goes back to the Stone Age.

The problem is that the implications for the entire region too would not be very good. The splash of the dirt is bound to spread all around.

Russia, China, India, Iran, Nepal all are likely to be impacted by this splash of dirt in their vicinity.

India, especially, would have to remain cautious and ready with a strong physical, moral and spiritual bulwark.

This fire of backwardness and primitiveness threatens to engulf everything that looks good, progressive and human.

The most stunning is the fact that the entire liberal, woke, left and Islamist brigade is completely silent on the development.

Even so-called intellectuals who are so worried about whether we should use pronouns like ‘he-sh’ or ‘sh-im’ to bring about gender justice are completely oblivious and zipped-mouthed on the threats to women and children once Taliban start ruling the country.

This is not ignorance. This is deliberate and selective silence that denotes their inner desire.

They want Taliban to rule not only in Afghanistan, but even in India, if possible.

That is the saddest part of the entire saga as the world turns into a mute spectator.

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