Monday, December 6, 2021

Congress supporters burn PM effigy, distribute laddoos to protest inflation

Jamshedpur: A group of Youth Congress supporters continued their protests against the policies of union government and burnt an effigy of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi against price rise on Monday.

Congress party has been agitating against the rising inflation and increase in the prices of petroleum products in the country.

On Monday, a group of Youth Congress workers and supporters in Jamshedpur expressed their outrage by burning an effigy of PM Modi in protest against the ‘rising inflation’.

Youth Congress supporters distributed laddoos among the consumers buying petrol at petrol pumps and said that they should be congratulated for the dare to buy petrol at a time when the price of petrol has reached almost 100 rupees per litre.

The Youth Congress supporters directly blamed PM Modi for the rising inflation in the country.

They said that the PM had betrayed the country by not curbing inflation.

They said that if the price of petroleum products does not come down, the protests will continue.

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