Monday, January 30, 2023

Afghanistan in a morass of violence


The Pakistan Ambassador in Kabul has warned the Afghan government to not use militia against the Taliban. And it clearly shows who is going to be the new Boss in Afghanistan

Now that Taliban has claimed that it has captured 85% of the territory in Afghanistan, things are rapidly changing in the war-torn country soon after the US abandoned it in a haste.

Pakistan that controls Taliban, for now, which in turn controls most of the territory and violence in Afghanistan is going to be the new superpower in the areas inside and adjacent to Afghanistan. It would continue to direct and modulate Taliban, while continuing to blackmail other countries like China, India and Iran.

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Afghanistan government security forces, yes there are a few still surviving in and around Kabul, have caught a Pakistan agent trying to destroy Salma dam, which is largely seen as an Indian investment and Indian asset.

The fact that Pakistan is keen on destroying all Indian assets shows that Pakistan does not want peace and prosperity in Afghanistan, it only want to see India reduced to a no-factor in Afghanistan.

India has brought back all its Kandahar personnel amid reports of advancement of Taliban in the country.

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Pakistan Army’s spokesperson Babar Ifthikhar recently, in a very haughty manner, had said that Indian investments are sinking in Afghanistan. Even citizens are now mockingly saying that Taliban are now occupying furnished offices and have done well for themselves.

While, the world ignores such remarks, it only underlines the fact that there is a ‘barbarian’ hidden in every Pakistani’s mindset, be it Pakistani ministers, diplomats or civilians.

A humanitarian crisis unfolds in war-ravaged Afghanistan as US leaves it to its fate and as Taliban guided by Pakistan keeps closing in on Kabul.

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The world for now is silent and observing from a distance. The generals of Pakistan now control Taliban, which in turn is likely to control entire Afghanistan. And this will be a jolt to the people, children and women. And this will also be an unanswered poser for the entire world.

No country would like to burn its hands in the morass after the US had to depart in a hurry.

And there is no hope that the Taliban would show any rationality in the near future and desist from heaping cruelty on the people of Afghanistan.

For now, only barbarism seems to be winning the game.

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