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Wichtig zu schreiben, was ist – Important to write what is – including nationality

Left extremists storm news portal ‘oe24’ offices for naming 4 Afghanistani rapists and murderers of a 13-year-old girl in Austria, news portal refuses to flinch

Desk: In a bizarre development, a left-wing extremist group of Austria stormed the offices of the Austrian news site ‘oe24’ to protest exposure of four rapists and murderers of a 13-year-old girl.

The news site of Austria ‘oe24’ exposed and named all the four perpetrators of the crime of rape and murder of a 13-year-old girl as Afghan nationals.

This has infuriated the extreme leftists and they stormed the offices of the news site.

Even the fact that the murdered girl was a minor did not make any difference to the extreme-left group members.

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The group also included several women as members.

The extreme-leftists claim that the news site should not have named the perpetrator as the country of origin was not responsible for the murder but the patriarchal and capitalist society was the real reason for the crime.

Screenshot form oe24 reporting rape and murder of a minor girl that shocked Austria.

The stand taken by the left-extremists is being flayed on the social media.

However, the news site remained unmoved.

The Editor-in-Chief of the news site ‘oe24’ Niki Fellner, in reply, wrote that – “It is important to write what is – including the perpetrator’s nationality.”

In a hard-hitting piece, he remarked: “The attack by some left-wing extremist anarchists on the oe24 office is making headlines around the world. Dozens of media outlets (from Germany to Switzerland to Spain) are calling this storm of the oe24 sales office what it was: an attack on freedom of the media.”

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He adds: “The activists are bothered by the fact that AUSTRIA and oe24 named the origin of the alleged perpetrators when reporting on the Leonie murder case. This reasoning is absurd. Of course, the suspects’ nationality (all four are from Afghanistan) was of public concern in relation to this. All the more so as there was a negligent failure of the authorities in the asylum procedure of the four Afghans, which we have documented meticulously.”


He further writes: “This clear line in our reporting did not suit these enemies of media freedom. With the forced entry into our publishing house, they apparently wanted to scare our employees (many of them with a migration background, by the way) and try to influence our editorial team.”

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He remarks: “The opposite is the case: We certainly will not let such attacks take away our right to freedom of the media. We will continue to write what is up. Even if it doesn’t suit the left or right-wing extremists. Nobody will prevent us from doing this – especially not a few would-be Orbans.”

It seems that left-extremists of India are not alone in defending hardcore criminals. Even their counterparts in other parts of the world do the same – work against the interests of the masses and defend the rights of hardcore criminals, murderers, rapists and secessionists.



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