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Kidnapped minor Hindu girl untraced even after 39 days in Bangladesh

Boy’s family threatening to kill girl’s family

SM Desk: Bangladesh Hindu Unity Council, a verified Twitter handle of Official Account of Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council has raised the issue of a minor Hindu girl kidnapped from Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh still missing for the last 39 days.

The Council said that the the family of the accused is now threatening to kill the girl’s family.

The Council alleged that the parents wrote a report to the police, but the police are not doing anything.

According to a report in Kaler Kantho, a Bengali news portal from Bangladesh, Dhaka, the family has alleged the kidnapped girl was a student of 10th class and was abducted by a group of miscreants Chakaria, Cox’s Bazar.

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The family said that although 39 days have already passed since the abduction, the whereabouts of the student are still unknown.

The report said that the police could not arrest the accused Touhidul Islam and his associates involved in the abduction.

The report quoted the family sources and said that a general diary was submitted as per the advice of the police when the elder brother went to the police station immediately after the incident.

But the police have not been able to find the girl and arrest those involved in the incident yet.

Meanwhile, after the incident, the student’s father Swapan Kumar Sushil filed a complaint against the accomplices at the Cox’s Bazar Women and Child Abuse Tribunal, mentioning the name of Touhidul Islam. The court directed the OC of the police station to file a case against the accused and it was recorded as a case on June 26.

After all this, the whole family is still in desperation as the girl has not been rescued.

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Nothing is being done to rescue her either, the family said.

Apan Sushil, the elder brother of the abducted student, complained that his younger sister was a 10th class student of GNA Missionary High School in East Bara Beola Union.

He said that his sister was being harassed Touhidul Islam (20) for some time.

He said that on the morning of May 26, when she went to fetch water from a tubewell a short distance from her house, Touhidul Islam and his accomplices forced his sister into a CNG autorickshaw and took her to an unknown place.

After this incident, Tauhid’s father, Masah and his relatives assured him that they would rescue his sister.

But as they were wasting their time, they approached the police station first. But when the police also did not take action, father Swapan Kumar Sushil filed a complaint in the court.

Although a case was registered in the police station on June 26 as per the court order, there has been no action from the police to find the girl.

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Apan Sushil further said, ‘The investigating officer of the case, Sub-Inspector (SI) of Matamuhuri Police Investigation Center, Md. Hasan Mahmud told us to inform him if we got any news about my sister. If this is the attitude, then how can my sister be rescued.’

The girl’s father Swapan Kumar Sushil said, “Even after so many days, the police have not been able to rescue my daughter. My wife is bedridden with a stroke. I am seeking the intervention of the administration to rescue my daughter. I am feeling insecure at the threat of family members of influential scoundrels-terrorists who have filed lawsuits. I have already left my wife and children at my daughter’s house in the municipal town of Chiringa. ‘

In this regard, Chakaria Police Station OC Shaker Mohammad Jubayer said, “A case has already been registered in the police station on the direction of the court. Police are working to rescue the victim and arrest the accused.”

Bangladesh Hindus along with other religious minorities have been suffering systematic discrimination and violence in all areas of life in the Islamic state of Bangladesh for a long time. The population of Hindus has declined drastically since after independence.


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