Sunday, July 25, 2021

Pandemic risks in throwing caution to the wind


It is disappointing to see covid-19 precautions being thrown to the wind by the man on the streets the moment the lockdown restrictions were relaxed by the state government.

Going to any market or business place in the city gives one a feel we might have completely forgotten that we are amidst a pandemic that is still taking lives with daily regularity.

The streets look as if covid-19 is no more a concern for anyone.

This, when a large part of our population is either unvaccinated or partially-vaccinated.

The news of a lambda variant doing rounds, even when the delta variant of Covid-19 is still spreading fast in Europe and several other countries, is quite worrying.

Preliminary reports say that the lambda variant is possibly even more infectious and even resistant to vaccines.

Equipped with ‘unusual’ set of mutations, this variant, first identified in Peru last December, has been raging through several countries.

And the most worrying fact is that this variant is stated to be resistant to existing vaccines.

The lambda variant of Covid-19 is stated to be much more dangerous than the Delta variant that has been detected in more than 30 countries in the past several weeks and which caused a devastation in India in the second wave.

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The Lambda variant has already been detected in the UK.

And while the rest of the world is only now awakening to the severity and speed of spread of delta variant, this non-ceasing waves of new variants is quite alarming.

UK and other western nations are only now realising how fast the delta variant spreads and how destructive it can be.

When India was being ripped through by the virus in the second wave, and it is still not out of the woods yet, most nations and commentators were unable to appreciate the challenges that the country was face to face with.

While funeral pyres and shortage of oxygen cylinders were hitting the headlines in western countries, now they realise that India might not have been reported fairly given the severity of delta variant.

Things have changed very quickly in Europe and entire west as delta variant is spreading fast across countries.

The most worrying part is that this new lambda variant may be resistant to existing vaccines.

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The common masses, desperate to go back to normal routine, are unaware of the dangers lurking behind inappropriate and irresponsible behaviour.

The government had to relax the restrictions a little to boost economic activities a little more.

The presumption was that the people would continue wearing masks and abiding by covid-19 norms.

It is sad to see that most people have just forgotten their responsibilities.

The government should do everything to remind the citizens that we are still not out of the pandemic and that there is a need to stay cautious to ensure that the pandemic does not go out of hand again.

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