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@BhardwajSpeaks reveals how Hinduism vanished from Malaysia

Social Media Desk: @BharadwajSpeaks, the popular twitter handle and well-known history buff has once again shocked his readers with another interesting nugget from the forgotten pages of history.

Many Indians wonder as to how Hinduism had reached the far corners of East Asia and then how it had left its cultural imprint on the communities living in so many countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and even Singapore.

Many wonder how despite having rich Hindu heritage, these countries changed and adopted religions other than Hinduism.

Many are surprised by the fact that Bali in Indonesia has a substantial Hindu population with Hindu cultural traits intact.

What they do not know is how they reached there and if they reached there how they are not as populous as in India.

The story of Hinduism in East Asian countries has largely been forgotten. By historians, as well as Indian Hindus themselves.

How Hindus lost their little kingdoms in East Asian countries is something that is not revealed by history textbooks.

Well, textbooks, in the first place, do not even discuss that they were present in East Asian countries in any time in history.

In his newest tweet thread @BharadwajSpeaks reveals the story of Parameswara (15th cent), who was the Hindu king of Malaysia and how his secularism ultimately paved the way for Malaysia abandoning Hinduism.

He says: “A story of “Love”, “Jihαd” and Dhokha? How Hinduism vanished from Malaysia: Parameswara(15th cent) was the Hindu king of Malaysia. His subjects honored him very much. He was known for his generosity. He was very secular & issued several grants for various Mμslim traders.”

He adds: “Parameswara patronised people of all faiths and had a significant presence of Mμslims in his court and army. Malacca thus became a “multicultural” city where Hindus, Buddhists, Chinese, Animists and Mμslims existed. In 1410, Parameswara’s kingdom was attacked by Siam & Majapahit. He was having a very tough time as his resources were limited. Mμslim advisors of Parameswara offered to send in more Mμslim soldiers to fight on his side, if he converted to Islam. Parameswara rejected the offer”

map tweeted by bhardawajspeaks twitter handle.

He further says: “At this juncture, the Mμslim merchants presented him with a damsel. Parameswara fell in love with the beautiful slave-girl and she became pregnant with his child. Childless Parameswara had been longing for an heir to his kingdom. He proposed to marry the damsel to make the child a legitimate heir, But she insisted that he must convert to Islαm prior to marrying her. Surrounded by enemies , feeling desolate and childless, Parameshwara in his desperate desire for an heir eventually agreed. He converted to Islαm and brought her to the palace as a legitimate queen. After conversion, he transformed his kingdom into a Mμslim Sultanate.”

Source of Information : Islamic Jihad by MA Khan

The entire thread can be accessed here.

Originally tweeted by Bharadwaj (@BharadwajSpeaks) on July 4, 2021.

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