Friday, January 27, 2023

Save your children from fantastic world of wokeism! Now.


Indian Parents have another challenge. Apart from keeping their children fully vaccinated from polio and measles and keeping them away from addictions of all kinds, these days they need to protect them from wokeism too.

The strange strains of wokeism are spreading faster than covid throughout the world. And parents need to ensure that this bug does not reach their teenaged children.

Wokeism is a world where parents are supposed to seek their baby’s permission before they change their nappy.

A national childcare chain in Australia is encouraging more mothers and fathers to ask for consent and show respect right from birth.

It is also a world where a boy has to show solidarity with his girl by showing all the physical and emotional traits of his girl.

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And it is a world where the Wokes are ashamed of calling their mothers, well mothers. They would rather call their mothers “birthers”.

Really, not kidding.

woke1 article shot.

There is an entire movement devoted to calling a woman as a ‘birthing person’.

Because we need to be inclusive, they say.

It should not be ‘breastfeeding’ any more, they claim. They suggest it should be ‘chest feeding’.

Communists and wokeists live in a land of fantasy.

It would be a great challenge for Indian parents to save their children from such new strains of old scourges – communism, marxism, post modernism etc – after shooing away the spectres of smoking, drinking and addiction of all kinds.

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Parents would need to evolve too. But first let them keep their own selves safe. Because wokes are adamant on doing a Yogi Adityanath on their ‘name’ itself.

Picture yourself as a ‘birther’ instead of a ‘father’ or a ‘mother’.

Picture your child’s teacher announcing in the school auditorium – “Both birthers of children, please raise your hands!”

Fathers and mothers should not squirm, if the next generation of wokes starts calling them – “birther with a corpus spongiosum and birther with a uterus.”

Ma and Pa are so outdated.

After all, there is no full stop to idiocy, marxism and wokeism.

Only Islamists can tackle and surpass them with their own logic.

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You know those types who argue that “polygamy is biological and heart has four chambers because one chamber has to be provided solely for each wife”.

Until you grow your IQ and knowledge of science to that level, it is better to keep your children away from the fantastic world of wokes and maoists.

You can’t keep them away from Islamism because Islamism has this tendency of reaching theatres and Netflix subscriptions via ‘sly foxy self-declared fake atheist’ writers like Javed-Akhtars.

Nothing is impossible in this rapidly changing world.

Today’s marginal ideas turn into mainstream ideas tomorrow and then slyly enter textbooks via research papers and research scholars.

Think of the day when a bull will be marked in your child’s textbooks as – ‘a milch animal with a penis’.

Just to avoid gender discrimination and prove vegan credentials.

By the way, very soon we may very well have in our dictionaries words like Birther Mary and Birther Teresa too.

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