Thursday, January 20, 2022

City SP, ADM, DCLR and other officials inspect traffic check points

Jamshedpur: The top police and administrative officials of the city included the City SP, ADM, DCLR and Dy SP (traffic) inspected the various traffic check points in the city and directed the police teams to continue checking for compliance of Covid-19 guidelines strictly.

The City SP said that a few persons are violating the social distancing rules of Covid-19 and therefore strict action is being taken against such persons.

City SP and other police officials inspect check points in city.

The City SP S C Jat said that most of the citizens of Jamshedpur have been complying with Covid-19 lockdown rules sincerely and have been contributing in the fight against the pandemic.

However, he said, there are many, around 1% of the people, who have been violating and ignoring Covid-19 persons.

He said the police teams have been asked to continue checking all the vehicles strictly and take punitive measures if anyone is found violating covid-19 rules.

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