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Subramanian Swamy retweets Science Channel video on Rama Setu, sparks discussion

Bengaluru: Ex-Harvard Professor and BJP leader Dr. Subramanian Swamy has rekindled interest of scores of netizens in Rama Setu by retweeting a December 11, 2017 video from Science Channel.

Science Channel video on Ram Setu.

The video examines the evidences relating to Rama Setu and tries to collate facts about it based on scientific evidence.

Dr. Swamy’s tweet has kickstarted a discussion among social media enthusiasts.

One Ojashvi Singh observed: “It would take forever for the modern science to reach the level of knowledge already given by the Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads Shastras and many more texts thousands of years back. We don’t need any scientific approval to believe in the rich knowledge of our Indian culture.”

One Aditya Singh remarked: “I have been watching documentaries on Ram Setu since childhood… And this one is old too.. And it always got me thinking..why the hell foreigners are researching when we the Indians should be doing it at the first place..

But what we’re doing instead is planning to raze it off!”

The thread of discussion is still continuing at the time of filing this report.

Dr. Swamy has been fighting hard to ensure that Ram Sethu is declared a national heritage monument.

After a prolonged litigation, mainly led by Dr. Swamy, the Centre finally informed the SC in 2018 that it will not damage the Ram Setu for Sethusamudram Ship Channel project in the interest of the nation.

Swamy had filed a PIL against the ship channel project and had sought direction to the Centre that the mythological Ram Setu be not touched.


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