Thursday, December 1, 2022

Our conduct will decide onset and severity of 3rd wave: Dr Rajan Chaudhry

Jamshedpur: Dr. Rajan Chaudhry, former GM and advisor to TMH, has said that the onset and severity of covid-19 will depend entirely on the conduct and social distancing compliance of common citizens.

He said that It is difficult to predict how severe the third wave of corona will be.

Dr. Chaudhry said that when the number of patients starts increasing then it is believed that the wave of corona has started.

He said that not a single Delta Plus variant patient has been found in the city so far.

Delta Plus variant too is a form of corona virus. But the way Delta Plus patients are being found in New Delhi, Maharashtra and Kerala, Jamshedpur too can be at risk of facing Delta Plus spread in the third wave of Corona.

He said that when the level of infection increases in other states, its effect is seen in Jamshedpur after one to one and a half months.

He said that although no one can tell exactly how widespread the infection will be in the third wave, much will depend on our behaviour.

He said that the number of infected patients is less now. It is estimated that 3 positive patients are reaching the hospital every day.

Presently, a total of 13 patients are undergoing treatment at TMH, out of which there are six patients in ICU and seven in non-ICU.

He said that till now 1,01,453 people have been administered vaccine in the hospital. How soon the third wave of corona will come depends on the behavior of all of us. If we all wear masks regularly, do not go to crowded places and follow physical distance, then the spread of corona and the arrival of third wave can be avoided.

Dr Rajan Chaudhary appealed to all the people to follow the Covid-19 social distancing norms.



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