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Cable Bustee residents block Burmamines-Sakchi road demanding proper investigation into security guard’s death

Jamshedpur: The family members of deceased SIS security guard and angry residents of Cable Bustee today blocked the Burmamines-Sakchi Main Road demanding compensation and enquiry into the suspicious death of Mandeep Kumar. They kept the dead body on the main road and were protesting in support of their two demands.

The family members alleged that the place and the situation under which the dead body was found do not indicate an act of suicide.

The family members alleged that no effort was made to ensure forensic examination of the dead body to find out whether the death was caused as a result of suicide or murder.

They said that the security agency too has not made any move to pay compensation to the affected family, nor has anyone from the agency reached the house of the deceased to console the affected family.

The Burmamines police had to work hard to assuage the locals and persuade them to lift the road blockade.

The family members have made it clear that their agitation would continue till adequate compensation and proper investigation into the reasons of death of Mandeep Kumar are ensured.

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Cable Bustee residents block Burmamines-Sakchi road demanding probe into security guard’s death.

The dead body of a security guard belonging to security agency SIS was found hanging from the ceiling at an establishment at Dispensary Road, Burmamines late Monday night.

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The family was informed about the incident only at 2 p.m. night.

The police reached the site and got the body down.

The family members suspect foul play and have alleged that co-workers might have killed him and hanged him with a rope to make it look like suicide.

The deceased originally hailed from Gopalganj district in Bihar and he lived in his uncle’s house in Cable Bustee.

The deceased had lost his father in 2005 and his mother and sister live in Gopalganj.

The uncle of the deceased said that his nephew did hot have any issue with anything and after taking dinner he had gone to work at 9.30 pm. Monday night.

He said that at around 2 p.m. some of his colleagues came and told him that his nephew’s condition was not good. When he reached his nephew’s office, he saw him hanging from ceiling.

He denied the possibility that his nephew might have committee suicide.

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He alleged that some of his colleagues were not happy with his work. Some of them sleep during work and his nephew had sent pictures to the company owners. This had infuriated them.

He said that he suspects foul play and it is possible that co-workers may have killed him.

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The police are investigating the case.

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