Sunday, July 25, 2021

6 Adivasi workers stranded in Orissa, brought back at MLA Mangal Kalindi’s initiative

Jamshedpur: 6 Adivasi workers originally from Bodam in Jugsalai Assembly of constituency of East Singhbhum district got stranded in Odisha while returning from Maharashtra. They were brought back at the initiative of Jugsalai MLA Mangal Kalindi.

According to information received, the labourers had gone to work in Maharashtra for livelihood. They had a child too with them. However, after a a few days, they had to return back as they did not get a safe work environment.

They managed to reach Rourkela in Odisha somehow. After reaching Rourkela, the workers were worried as they did not have the wherewithal to return to their native place.

The local villagers informed MLA of Jugsalai, Mangal Kalindi. The MLA contacted the owner of a Tata Magic van by telephone and asked them to bring all the labourers to Jamshedpur after negotiating a proper fare.

On reaching Jamshedpur on Tuesday evening, the child as well as all the 6 workers were sent to Bodam safely by an autorickshaw.

The MLA Mangal Kalindi said that the 6 tribal labourers of Bodam had gone to work in Maharashtra. While returning, somehow they reached Rourkela in Odisha. There was no means available to them to return to Jamshedpur.

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He said that all the rural laborers are residents of Bodam area. The laborers included Shivcharan Besra, Arjun Murmu, Sukhdev Hansda, Sameer Murmu, Sukhlal Hansda, Monika Hansda, Shantilata Hansda (child).

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They did not have proper arrangements to return to the village.

The MLA Mangal Kalindi said that as a public servant, it was his duty to help those who needed his help.

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