Sunday, July 25, 2021

White Man Double Standards Syndrome


The outrage caused by a video showing a cable car crash in Italy that killed 14 people is normal and understandable. None should be allowed to show disrespect to the family that has suffered a tragic loss. None should be allowed to ‘trade in death’ or indulge in vulture journalism.

However, this very outrage also highlights the obvious double-standard that the West shows in its attitude towards non-West and its own ethical choices when it comes to its own backyard.

The same West that took pride in displaying funeral pyre pictures and videos from India all over its media and defended it stubbornly in the name of ‘freedom of expression’, when some Indians pointed out their shamelessness, is now debating whether a video showing a tragic cable car crash should have been aired or not. Hypocrisy much!

The vulture journalists from India who made profits by selling funeral pyre pictures, shot using drones hovering over crematoriums, to the western media should learn from it. They acted like willing slaves and ‘mercenary sepoys’ of West so keen to undermine India’s self-confidence.

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The same publications that purchased their ‘funeral pyre pictures’ for dollars would not publish a single ghastly picture from their own country and culture.

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Dead bodies were also disposed in West in the aftermath of corona crisis. However, not too many shocking pictures of dead bodies could be seen in the entire world media that is so fond of teaching ethics of journalism to ‘uneducated Indians’.

We Indians may have achieved some progress on many fronts. But not much has been achieved in shedding our slavish attitude. Those who speak and write English fluently are sadly at the forefront in behaving like ‘foot-soldiers’ of West.

This does not mean that we cannot live with the West or that the West has nothing good to offer. It is possible to work with and learn from the West and the Westerners without trampling on our own self-esteem and pride.

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We can self-critique everything that is ours without sounding like a community of clowns indulging in ‘self-pity’ and ‘self-loathe’.

How many years more before we learn to stand for our own self-respect?

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