Sunday, July 25, 2021

Truck hits trailer in Noamundi, driver dies

Chaibasa: A truck driver was killed in an accident near Kutingata village on Noamundi Kotgarh Main Road Wednesday night when a trailer hit a long-distance truck.

The trailer was going on the left side, but somehow the long-distance truck coming from the opposite side went out of control of the driver and hit the trailer.

The cabin of the truck was crushed and the driver got stuck in the steering.

Noamundi officer-in-charge Rakesh Kumar arrived at the site with a team and tried to extricate the trapped truck driver.

Finally, a gas cutter had to be used and a JCB was also employed in there rescue operation. The truck driver was taken out and rushed to Noamundi Hospital. However, the doctors declared him brought-dead.

The deceased driver has been identified as 21-year-old Manoj Kumar Singh, a resident of Gangadih in Rohtas district of Bihar.

The police have registered a case and have sent the dead body for post mortem.

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