Sunday, July 25, 2021

MLA Mangal Kalindi asks JNAC to resolve water-logging, drainage problem near Jugsalai Crossing

Jamshedpur: Owing to incessant rains in the city for 2 days, the problem of water logging near Jugsalai railway crossing has worsened.

On Thursday, the local residents of Jugsalai apprised the MLA Mangal Kalindi about the problem being faced by the commuters due to water logging.

Taking cognizance of the issue, the Jugsalai MLA Mangal Kalindi, reached the railway crossing area on Thursday and took stock of the ground situation.

He also spoke to the JNAC officials and asked them to resolve the drainage issue at the site. He also advised them to ensure that a proper drainage is constructed at the place.

He said the area near Jugsalai gate witnesses the problem of water logging and this problem has been recurring for several years.

Drainage is an issue in the area, he said, causing serious problems for local commuters.

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