Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Surya Singh Besra aka Suryaavatar “Devdoot” to remain active in political role

Besra to vow for ‘Greater Jharkhand” on Birsa Munda Maryrdom Day

Jamshedpur : Surya Singh Besra, one of the leading stars of the movement for the separate state of Jharkhand has taken ‘sanyaas’ (retirement) and has embarked upon a spiritual journey. However, he has made it clear that he would once again be active in politics from June 9 by vowing to achieve ‘Greater Jharkhand’.

Soon after his announcement of the decision to start his spiritual journey, many of his supporters started pressing for his active role in state politics. Many suggested that since he has been a pillar of Jharkhand movement, he should remain active in politics for a long time.

There argument was – if Yogi Adityanath can remain a yogi and yet lead in political role in Uttar Pradesh, what stops Besra from doing the same?

Responding to his supporters’ requests, Besra announced that he would once again be active in political role on June 9 on the occasion of Birsa Munda anniversary by vowing to achieve “Greater Jharkhand”.

It may be added here that Surya Singh Besra on May 30 had announced his decision to go on a spiritual journey soon after recovering from corona.

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According to Mr. Besra, he was in a serious condition due to Corona for at least 22 days. At that time he was a seen in an emotional video that had gone viral. He had announced his decision to start a spiritual journey by taking sanyaas from politics.

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His supporters, however, were disappointed and kept pressing him for a political role.

Finally, Mr. Besra relented and decided that he would continue in both spiritual as well as political role.

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