Monday, April 12, 2021

Ram Mandir donation drive exceeds Rs. 4 cr target in Kolhan

Mission accomplished for VHP in Kolhan region, big boost for BJP too

Jamshedpur: The target for donation collection for Ram Mandir in Ayodhya has been achieved as more than Rs. 4 cr has been collected in Kolhan region alone. The collection drive has come as a big boost and political contact opportunity for BJP too.

Hindu organisations worked hard to achieve the target set for them in Kolhan and saw to it that the total collection exceeded the target given to them.

The success of the drive has come as a big incentive for BJP too as its workers worked hard during door to door campaign.

The crushing defeat in the last Jharkhand assembly elections that BJP and its associate organisations had received has now turned into expectations.

The target of collection of Rs. 4 cr donation from Kolhan for the construction of Ram temple has been met.

Many devotees in Kolhan even contributed up to Rs. 11 lakhs.

Co-ordination between different constituents of the saffron family also improved during the drive and all associations worked hand in hand.

A 44-day-long intensive campaign

The responsibility of collecting donation for Ram temple was on the shoulders of Vishwa Hindu Parishad. For this campaign which lasted from 15 January to 27 February, VHP had dedicated its whole strengthen in Kolhan, including the Jamshedpur urban areas. This campaign also made the VHP realise its power on the grounds.

Sangh had to intervene for better co-ordination

While the target has been exceeded in Kolhan, it did not happen without some anxious moments. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh also had to intervene to ensure that the target was met.

Sources say that when the work progress was reviewed in the midst of this 44-day campaign, it was felt that it is difficult to cross the balance amount of the target of Rs. 4 cr by VHP on its own.

Donation collection drive for Ram Mandir in Ayodhya
Donation collection drive for Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. Raghubar Das donating.

The causes were reviewed. It seemed that the VHP’s organisation was not strong enough to contact every house in all areas. It was also revealed during the review that the will or capacity of those who are donating money is not being properly assessed and many devotees are given receipts for smaller amounts despite the fact that they would be willing to donate bigger amount.

For example, it was seen that many could contribute in lakhs, however, the ground workers were happy by accepting only a few thousand worth of contribution from them and did not feel the need to persuade them to increase the amount of donation. This fact of under-donation was viewed as a big challenge for the drive.

Soon after the review, Sangh became active. It conducted a meeting at its own level. Better co-ordination was made and an initiative was taken to get the maximum donation amount from those who were capable of donating bigger amount. Many volunteers were engaged who not only had the power to connect with such people but also had an ability to assess capability to donate.

Strategy made after meeting in Tulsi Bhavan

From the third week of February, this strategy of Sangh started showing results. Volunteers went out into the streets. BJP leaders got the message to be active too.

BJP workers and leaders also saw an opportunity for public connect and thus a positive change was seen in the unified effort. It bore results too.

In the streets, people were added to the common people by cutting the receipts from ten rupees to 100 more thousand. So Dhanna Seth was also approached and requested to open his fist for Ramji.

Competition in donating

On the other hand, there was competition among many people and families in giving donations.

Cousins and relatives competed with each other in donating bigger amount. One brother first announced to give one lakh one thousand. His cousin announced that he would donate Rs. 1.51 lakh. The first one again announced to donate on behalf of the family and increased the amount to 2 lakh 51 thousand rupees. The result was that the donation picked up pace and people started feeling proud in donating bigger amounts.

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