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Corona caution for 3rd March celebrations, no big programs, limited lightings

Jamshedpur: The corona epidemic will also have an impact on the 3rd March celebrations in Jamshedpur. There will be no major programme involving big gatherings this year, nor will guests from abroad, or any outlocations within the country, be invited. No program will be held in Jubilee Park either. The decorations and lightings will be limited only to the major squares, thoroughfares and main buildings of the city.

Mr. Chanakya Chaudhary, Vice President of Tata Steel, said in a press conference today that owing to the global epidemic and keeping in mind the recent upsurge in the pandemic in several big cities, the Tata group will not hold any major event this year on the birth anniversary of its founder Jamsetji Nasarwanji Tata.

The birth anniversary of Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata, the founder of the Tata group, will be celebrated 3rd March this year too. Normally, every year on 3rd March, the steel city is decorated like a bride, where people from not only Jamshedpur, but also from other areas of Jharkhand, Bihar, Bengal and Orissa also arrive to enjoy the lightings and decorations done in Jubilee Park.

3rd march
3rd March lighting in Jamshedpur.

However, in view of the Corona epidemic this year, Tata Steel has decided to abstain from organising any major programme requiring gathering of people.

Chanakya Chaudhary, VP, Tata Steel, said that this year foreign guests and corporate associates will not come to participate in Founder’s Day celebrations. Nor will there be any event held in Jubilee Park.

Electrical lighting will be done throughout the city and would also be telecast live.

The Tata Group Chairman Dr. Chandrasekaran will arrive in the city on March 2 and return on March 3 after participating in Founder’s Day celebrations.

He said that Ratan Tata too may visit the city, although it is yet to be finalised and confirmed.

Tata Steel VP Chanakya Choudhary addressing media.

J N Tata began his entrepreneurial journey with a textile mill in central India in the 1870s. His vision inspired the steel and power industry in India, set the foundation for technical education, and helped the country leapfrog to the ranks of industrialised nations.

On March 3 every year, Tata Steel along with other Tata group companies celebrate the birth anniversary of the Founder and his vision of an industrial future with community welfare at its core. The theme of this year’s Founder`s Day is “Agile today for a Sustainable Tomorrow”.  

Addressing the Press Conference today at Beldih Club, Chanakya Chaudhary, Vice President (Corporate Services), Tata Steel, said: “It is our privilege and responsibility to carry forward the legacy of our Founder, J N Tata. His passion and resolve for a sustainable tomorrow still resonates in everything that we do today. We are proud to celebrate this vision on his 182nd birth anniversary.”

This year, the celebrations will be subdued in view of COVID-19. However, the spirit to pay homage to the Founder is intact and there will be few programmes oganised with limited physical participation to mark the occasion.

Activities planned:

  • Homage to the Founder at Jubilee Park
  • Founder's Day Celebrations at Jamshedpur Works Founder‘s Day Programme at Postal Park, Bistupur
  • Exhibition at Steelenium Hall inside Jamshedpur Works
  • Founders Day Sports at JRD Tata Sports Complex

The Founders Day celebrations at Jamshedpur Works will be live streamed for employees as well as for a select group of Jamshedpur citizens. In view of the pandemic, the sporting activities at JRD Sports Complex will also be restricted to “no contact” sports like running, long jump and race walk.

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