Thursday, June 17, 2021

All eyes on Vaccination Phase II


The second phase of vaccination is going to prove extremely important for the country. As underlined by the experts, the second phase of vaccinations would not only help the country bring down the number of cases and the incidents of super-spread in different parts of the country, but would also help it scotch the chances of mutations.

New mutation in viruses is a normal and natural phenomenon that scientists are aware of. New mutations have been reported from different parts of the world. This virus has been showing signs of rapid mutations too.

Recent surge in the number of cases in the country as well as evidence of super-spread events here and there underline the need to complete the vaccination process as fast as we can.

The government has now decided that all those above 60 and above 45 with co-morbidities would be vaccinated from March 1. This is important to bring down the number of cases as well as mortality rate.

The more humans are infected, the more chances of mutations in the virus and more chances of variations taking place in the virus life cycle. The best way to fight the virus is to decrease the chances of infection, as well as boos the immunity of maximum number of people.

The vaccination drive has been going on steadily. But now the time has come when the country needs to ramp up production as well as vaccination in the country.

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This virus has taken a heavy toll on humanity. And we need to win this battle against it.

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