Monday, April 12, 2021

Ram Mandir donation collection picks up speed

Devotees buying coupons for each member of family as well as ancestors

Collection drive to continue till February 27, Minimum coupon for Rs. 10

Jamshedpur: The donation collection drive for Ram Mandir Construction in Ayodhya is in the last legs now as devotees continue to donate big. The collection drive would continue till February 27.

Donation collection teams say that there is tremendous enthusiasm among the people of Jamshedpur for donating for the construction of a grand temple at Ayodhya.

People are vying with each other in contributing, so much so that even receipt books are falling short.

The group, which came out to collect funds for the Ram temple on Wednesday morning experienced something similar in Mango.

In the Post Office Road-Baikunth Nagar-Gurdwara Road area, a team was busy with collection of funds. They went around from one house to another knocking on everyone’s door.

Without any discrimination, at the house of the poor as well as at the doors of the rich. People were giving funds as much as possible. With joy and enthusiasm. The glowing faces of the people were telling enough.

Rajkumar Sharma has been collecting funds at Mango Baikunthanagar Road No. 4, said that the support being extended by the people is overwhelming.

He said that they are collecting more money than the target given to them. Rajkumar Sharma, Niranjan Gautam, Surendra Gupta, Tanmay all part of the collection drive. With devotees like Aditya and Jeetu Pandey, they are doing fundraising every day from 8 in the morning to 12 in the day.

His team collects funds from door to door at Post Office Road, Baikunth Nagar, Gunomoy Colony, Punjabi Line, Workers College Road, Gurdwara Basti, Paras Nagar with coupons of Rs. 10, 100 and 1000 denominations. The main objective of the team sis to reach every house and receive surrender amount.

During the fund collection, a special feature has been noted by the collectors. In most families people are buying coupons and receipts in the name of each member of the family. There are many who are contributing even Rs. 10, while others are going up to Rs. 1000 coupon. Amount exceeding Rs. 1000 can be donated by way of cheques only.

Many children have reportedly broken their piggybanks and donated for Ram Mandir. Many others are taking receipts in the name of their late ancestors. Such people believe that the departed people might not have been able to participate in the construction of Ram temple during their lifetime, but even in afterlife they may benefit if their name is linked with the donation.

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