Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Modi ‘trolls’ Canadian PM in style


The Prime Minister Narendra Modi too has some trolling abilities. And when he trolls a Prime Minister of another country, he does it in his own trademark style.

In an interesting development, the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has had to face Indian Prime Minister’s caustic abilities.

Trudeau is known for his non-co-operation with Indian government and open help to Khalistani elements living in Canada owing to his own electoral compulsions.

His government has also been very dismissive of India’s concerns about activities of Khalistani separatists in the past.

Trudeau has been rubbing India the wrong way for quite some time, especially on the issue of Khalistanis separatists operating from Canada.

There were many media outlets who were conjecturing whether Canada PM would request India to supply vaccines to his own country or not given the fact that Coronavirus has been taking too many lives in Canada.

India has been pushing its vaccine-maitri drive in a big way. It has been supplying vaccines to different countries of the world and has also created ripples in the area of foreign relations.

However, observers were keeping their fingers cross on whether India would extend the same bonhomie to Canada and Pakistan or not.

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It looked as if Canada would not request India for vaccines and would look elsewhere for its requirement.

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However, the Canada PM had to blink first and he did call the Indian PM Narendra Modi for vaccines.

And Narendra Modi made the most of it by acknowledging his call on his twitter handle.

This was the best trolling done by a PM of another PM till date. India has carried out its vaccine diplomacy with a fair amount of success. Unlike China, it has catered to the needs of even smaller countries and has sent vaccines as gifts without caring for commercial orders.

India’s vaccine diplomacy has generated a lot of goodwill for the country in the international community. Even WHO and other organisations have hailed its initiatives to provide vaccines to poor and small countries, without thinking about commercial or diplomatic gains.

However, Indian PM’s decision to reveal the chat with the Canada PM is being cheered by Indian twitterati as a very subtle point that he made to the Canada PM within days of Canada’s non-cooperation with India on Khalistani separatists’ activities.

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