Monday, April 12, 2021

1000 cr donation for Ram Mandir construction in just 28 days

New Delhi: Even while the collection drive for Ram Mandir construction in Ayodhya is still going on in different parts of the country, the total corpus of fund collected till Thursday has crossed Rs. 1000 cr mark in just 28 days.

According to information being shared by different news agencies and authoritative sources, more than 1.50 lakh VHP activists are engaged in the fund collection activities.

Funds are being collected from even remotest of villages in different parts of the country, while devotees are also donating online through the website and other channels.

Ram Mandir construction collection begins-min
Fund collection in Jamshedpur.

So far more than Rs. 1,000 cr has been collected. The collection drivel had started in January.

The Ram Janmbhoomi Trust has three accounts in three nationalised banks and the total amounts in these three accounts has crossed Rs. 1000 cr.

The VHP and 35 other organisations are working hard to make the fund collection drive a big success. All the fund collecting activists have been given clear cut rules for following during the collection drive.

The rules prohibit organising motorcycle rally or slogan shouting or holding of processions.

It has been made clear that the fund collection drive has to be conducted in a disciplined and quiet manner. No show of strength or noise making is to be allowed during collection drive.

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