Friday, May 14, 2021

The narrative war


The way the farmers’ protest in New Delhi and adjoining areas has been projected in the international media and international discussions by those, who have absolutely no stake in either Indian farmers or India, is astounding. The global narrative has created a virtual strawman in India, which just does not exist in reality.

It seems as if India is really being ruled by a ‘fascist’ dictator and the government is spilling blood on the streets by firing at innocent farmers. As if fascist Hindus have taken over the streets and are eliminating minorities every day.

Are we living in the same country that Rihanna and Meena Harris are referring to? Are we like Pakistan or Bangladesh, where minorities are on the verge of extinction? Are we like Saudi, where a non-Muslim just cannot dream of getting citizenship? Are we like one of those many countries where non-Muslims can’t carry their religious books or can’t build a temple?

Is India worse that those countries? Even worse than China where Uighurs are given special treatment?

Here the situation seems to be just the opposite. A group of rich not-farming-but-land-owning contractors from three states, namely Punjab, Haryana and UP, and employing UP and Bihar labourers are trying to subvert an act of Parliament by employing street power and violence and the government feels compelled to ignore their unlawful activities just in an attempt to avoid blood-spilling, which seems to be the only objective of their political masters.

While every Tom, Dick and Harry in the West is preaching to India, the detractors are completely ignorant of the facts relating to farmers’ agitation.

After the fiasco caused by Greta Thunberg, it is now clear that farmers’ agitation is something that has been fomented with a purpose and the purpose is not only nefarious, but also shows the hands of foreign conspirators.

The amount of money and thuggery invested by the anti-India elements in creating an anti-India narrative is shocking. It seems that the hate for India and Indians, especially Hindus, is all that propels such elements.

It is true that the false narrative created by anti-India forces seems to have dented India’s image among the uninformed Westerners. However, facts and truth have a tendency to surface at the end.

India should continue giving its long-term plans and policies top preference and continue to do what is right for its future.

Thugs have ample time and energy to create narratives. A nation needs to fight against short-term and long term challenges to carve a future for itself.

India must counter false narratives with correct narratives and continue with its forward-looking policies.

Farmers’ agitation is a misguided and misled protest and it should be treated with the same scorn.

The government should do everything to protect the innocent farmers. However, those behind the protests must be exposed and their anti-India agenda must be foiled.

The anti-India forces are waiting for blood to spill to make their narrative more effective and impactful. Till date they have been relying on lies and photoshopped images. The government should never let them succeed. It must win this war without spilling even a drop of blood.

India needs to win this war of narratives bloodlessly. We owe it to our legacy and civilisation.

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