Thursday, September 28, 2023

Earning Mia Khalifa’s support for anti-India agenda


The recent international storm created by international personalities like Greta Thunberg, the 18-year-old Swedish climate activist, Barbadian pop star Rihanna and Lebanese-American pornographic actress Mia Khalifa, as they came out in support of agitating Indian farmers, has confirmed the suspicion that the farmers’ protest is being orchestrated, incited and controlled by forces inimical to India’s unity and integrity and has foreign hands behind it.

It would be childish to think that agitating farmers would manage to get tweets and sound-bites in support of their agitation from Rihannas and Mia Khalifas in order to internationalise their agitation.

Internationalisation of farmers’ protest helps no Indian farmers. It only helps those who have nefarious designs on India, namely Khalistanis, modern Maoists, anarchists and Pakistan-lovers.

In the whole scenario, the footprints of Canada and Britain-based Khalistanis too are clear. Those Khalistanis are evidently pursuing an agenda set for them by their Pakistani masters, namely ISI.

It is clear that Khalistanis are much more daring and creative than baggy Mao-trusting desi anarchists. Khalistanis can use Mia Khalifas in their war against India. They seem to be in tune with latest innovations in the area of art and culture as well as drugs and medicines and are using their knowledge and experience to the hilt.

It is unfortunate that the Islamists, whom the Maoist anarchists so devotedly support everywhere, usually eliminate the Maoists first. There are no Maoists left in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia or any country where Islamists have domination. It seems that Khalistanis too have a similar policy, given their penchant for Mia Khalifas, expertise in raising money and tendency to blow airplanes and kill people indiscriminately.

Greta Thunberg, who is also a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, by mistake, made public a document named ‘toolkit’ that exposes the entire agenda of the anti-India forces. Although it was deleted and made private on Google Doc, the toolkit showed how everything was planned even before January 26 violence in Delhi meticulously and how anti-India forces had put in place a detailed roadmap for everything, even for an orchestrated social media campaign.

There is nothing desi about the farmers’ protests anymore. The aims and designs are all international and Rakesh Tikaits and Yogendra Yadavs are only pawns at the hands of those who want to break India.

Anti-India forces are desperate to cause bloodshed in India. They want dead bodies to pile up. They want people to die. They want security forces to fire at their own people. All that is aimed to prove only two things – India is a fascist country and Modi is a fascist leader.

And their objective is to turn India into Syria, so that foreign powers can intervene and possibly break it.

It is imperative for the Indian government to act decisively, end the farmers’ agitation quickly and foil the agenda of the anti-India forces.

However, these anti-India forces also seem to have a direct lineage of Mahishasur.

They tend to re-assemble and re-launch their attack, with some new topic, with new grievances, with some new group of people at some new place.

India, its government and its people need to remain vigilant.

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