Friday, May 14, 2021

Helping enemies with self-destruct mode


The alert sounded by the Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh that Pakistan has been pushing illegal drugs and weapons into India amid the farmers’ protest, with a view to causing unrest in India, is really worrying.

Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh is a Congress CM and is no friend of BJP or the government in power at the centre. He is known for calling a spade a spade. He has also been supporting farmers’ agitation against the three farm laws.

The fact that even he found the situation alarming enough to sound an alert amidst all this brouhaha going on near the national capital is something that should draw the attention of security forces as well as the common citizenry of the country.

While protests and agitations are expected routine political activities for any democratic set up, there is a need to ensure that such protests are not used to help the enemies of the country.

Since after 1971 war, in which Pakistan Army abjectly surrendered to Indian forces and a separate Bangladesh was carved out of Pakistan, our Western neighbour has been trying hard to do a Bangladesh on us.

While all its attempts to foment trouble in Kashmir have failed, it has recurrently focused on Punjab assessing it to be one of the most vulnerable areas of India.

Creating trouble in Punjab and creating rift between two majority communities of that state has been a pet project of Pakistan since the time of Zia Ul Haque.

Pushing drugs and weapons into Punjab is a method that Pakistan has been trying for years and not without success.

Capt Amarinder Singh
Capt Amarinder Singh

Punjab is a very important border state for India. It is a prosperous state that contributes significantly to India’s prosperity. It also contributes significantly to Indian security forces. It serves Pakistan’s interests if a large number of youth in Punjab lose focus and if one of the most important bordering state of India remains perennially in throes of agitation and trouble.

Captain Amarinder Singh, in his latest warning has said: “Pakistan is trying to infiltrate”. He also warned that Pakistan has sleeper cells which they can activate and ‘a disturbed Punjab suits Pakistan’s policy”.

He further said: “ I have a hostile country on my western border. On the north of us, we have China. These two countries are gong to collude. About 20 pc of the Indian Army belongs to this area and we can’t allow their morale to go down. I think we should be cautious in our choice of putting out news which should not create a situation where the morale of our troops goes down.”

Indian government and the common citizenry need to pay close attention to the alert sounded by Captain Amarinder Singh. He is a veteran in defence matters as well as politics and has the wherewithal to know the facts on the ground. If he sounds an alert amidst this agitation, there must be some solid facts to back it.

It is a fact that external enemies of India, especially Pakistan and China, have been trying hard to create fissures within the civil society of India to keep it on the boil. They know the strength of inherent democratic spirit and productive capacity of Indian society. An India that is not on the boil can leave behind any country in terms of human enterprise and progress. To keep it under check is a pet project of India’s enemies.

It is ironical that despite knowing all this, we Indians are more than willing to be used by our enemies. We do exactly what our enemies expect us to do. We Indian communities behave in the manner Pakistan cyber Army would want us to. The Pak Cyber Army wants our communities to abuse one another on social media and we oblige them by doing exactly the same. Pak would love if politicians subvert good policies and projects taken up by India. And our politicians do exactly that. They go to any length to subvert all the good policies implemented by the government and support all the bad policies implemented by it.

The 3 farm laws should not have been opposed by any party. In fact, most parties when in power would like to implement them to strengthen farmers. These laws work only against the middlemen and Adhatias.

Yet, see how the narrative is misdirected by the opposition parties and the intellectuals to subvert a good policy initiative. A policy that is in favour of common farmers has been opposed tooth and nail to an extent that it has now started threatening to subvert the stability of the country itself.

Modi government, in most likelihood, may withdraw the laws, for politics. But would it be good for the country? If Rahul Gandhi becomes the next PM, would he not want to frame laws on the same lines? Was disinvestment a BJP policy? Is economic liberalisation a Congress policy? Is defeating Pakistan and China’s designs only a BJP project?

Narendra Modi government can be taken to task for hundreds of wrong policy decisions. But attempt to reform the agriculture sector would certainly not be one of those.

It is sad that we as a country act in self-destruct mode and bring harm upon ourselves. If enemy countries are gleeful at our self-destructive and self-harming behaviour and are more than ready to help us in our stupid ‘self-goal-enterprise’, the blame should not go to them but us.

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