Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Why ‘fake liberals’ and ‘real communists’ hate our President so much?

Too much Hypocrisy and inability to fit something into their created stereotype is what irritates our so-called liberal and communist elites the most.

They go bonkers the moment something does not fit into their bottle of stereotyped ideas about India.

A Brahmin has to be a cunning and shrewd casteist out to deprive everyone else of their rights and privileges.

And a dalit has to be someone who hates his Hindu-ness and keeps ranting against his own religion and samskriti, while joining forces with comrades-in-arms at Maoism-loving, Bollywoodia style tukde-tukde rallies.

A dalit President, who has risen from earth to the top post of the country on his own merits, someone who has every quality that a man could possibly be respected for, does not fit this stereotype.

They want someone who would advance their narrative. Not someone who would expose the falsity of their narrative.

They want someone who could say, perhaps a la Manmohan Singh, that a particular minority has the first rights over country’s resources.

Someone who would perhaps say – we need lavatories more than Mandirs.

For our liberal Bollywoodia narrative, a munim ji must be a blood-sucking Shylock. He just cannot be a kind-hearted man.

A dalit President, who donates money for a Shri Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, is something that shocks our liberal and communist brigade.

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And therefore they hate him.

A President, who actually takes pride in his Hindu-ness and Samskriti and actually practises it in life, is not tolerable to our liberal groups.

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And therefore they would do everything to spread false canards against him.

Liberals cannot stand a proud Sanatani dalit.

The hatred for the President started since the day he donated for construction of Ram Mandir. And it caused so much frustration that the liberals jumped into the well of infamy and self-exposure.

On 23rd of January, the birth anniversary of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, the President Ramnath Kovind inaugurated a portrait of Netaji at Rashtrapati Bhawan and paid homage to one of the worthiest sons of the soil.

However, liberals seething in anger since the day he donated for Ram Mandir, were waiting for an opportunity. And they launched a barrage of attacks on him claiming that he had actually unveiled the portrait of actor Prasenjit Chatterjee, who has played Netaji in a movie, instead of real Netaji.

Barkha Dutt’s tweet that was deleted

This falsehood was first tweeted by Barkha Dutt and was soon made viral by the entire liberal group.

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Sagarika Ghosh, the champion liberal, also jumped in.

Even the TMC MP Mahua Moitra too was taken in by the viral suggestion that the President has made a great error.

No one seems to have given even a slight benefit of doubt to the President. It was as if the President himself went to Khan market to purchase a portrait of Netaji and was ignorant enough to not identify the original Netaji.

Such is the hate reserved for a dalit President. A man, who truly symbolises humility, scholarship, perseverance and hard work, was treated in such a disrespectful manner.

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Not one of these celebrities thought of giving the President some space for error. No one thought – maybe his staff erred, maybe the facts are not correct. No such doubts came into their mind before they started jumping in excitement and launching salvo against the President himself like a bunch of hyenas.

However, the real facts were quite different.

The portrait unveiled by the President was made by none else than the one of the most respected artistes and painter of the country and Padma Shri Awardee Paresh Maity himself and was based on a original photograph of Netaji.

Most of the liberal gang members deleted their tweet after the real facts came out.

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In the meanwhile, their malice for the President, and for every Sanatani, was amply exposed.

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You just have to see how Rajdeep Sardesai reacted when Sri Ramnath Kovind was elected the President of India. He remarked: “So Ramnath Kovind set to be president! When in doubt, turn to a ‘dalit’ face. Political tokenism yet again for highest post?”

And when Kamla Harris became the vice-president of US, the same Rajdeep remarked: “History created in the US. The first Indian Americal and African Americal Vice president and first woman VP of the US..well done @KamlaHarris. Remember the US strength is it’s remarkable diversity.. as is India’s; we must ALL embrace diversity in full spirit!”

Hypocrisy of the so-called liberals knows no bounds.

They have shown that they just can’t accept that a dalit can be as much a Sanatani as anyone else. And they have also proven that the present day ‘fake liberals’ can be as much noxious and poisonous as a blood thirsty Mao or a massacring Stalin whenever they find Indian institutions have weakened enough.

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