Friday, May 14, 2021

China’s bullying expansionism a threat to world peace


A large incursion by Chinese warplanes into Taiwan skylines is a deeply disturbing development. While it exposes China’s ambitious geopolitical project and its willingness to risk war, there is a chance of its shenanigans turning into a real major war in the region.

China has been bullying Taiwan for quite some time. On Saturday too, 15 aircrafts from China intruded into Taiwan airspace. This latest incursion into Taiwanese airspace even evoked a warning from Washington.

Experts believe that China is testing Joe Biden’s commitment to defending Taiwan’s sovereignty. It is still not sure how far Biden will go to defend Taiwan’s right to exist as a free nation. However China might have miscalculated its steps. Experts believe that t is ignoring the fact that soon after Biden’s coming into power, the US state department has reaffirmed its support to Taiwan.

The US made it clear that it would do everything to defend Taiwan’s right to exist as a sovereign state.

How far Biden is willing to go to defend Taiwan is still not clear, but the State Department spokesman made it clear that US will indeed continue to have strong ties with Taiwan.

The spokesman said: “The United States notes with concern the pattern of ongoing PRC attempts to intimidate neighbours including Taiwan.”

It is clear that the United States is aware of China’s geopolitical expansionist policies and would like to rein in its territorial greed.

There are reports that say that Indian soldiers too have foiled an attempt by China to intrude across the border in Sikkim some 4 days back. According to reports, India and China troops were involved in a physical brawl last week near Naku La in Sikkim. Soldiers from both sides have reportedly been injured in the fracas.

The latest incursion attempt by the Chinese troops in Sikkim, a region which has been undisputed till now, is a reminder of China’s policy of nibbling at its neighbours’ land and trying to chip away as much territory as possible in order to attempt a change in the status quo on the borders and line of actual control.

Defence experts say that Tibet’s frontier with Northern Sikkim was the only section of the border with India that China had never disputed.

However, the latest incursion into Indian territory is a reminder to the fact that China’s expansionism is much more reckless and malicious than it appears on the surface.

According to media reports, not less than 20 Chinese soldiers were injured in the clash at Naku la in Sikkim around four days back. Even while China has made an incursion bid into Indian territory in Sikkim, the ninth round of Corps Commander-level talks, that lasted for over 16 hours, have failed to bring in any hope of a breakthrough.

The soldiers of India and China had earlier clashed in a close physical combat in the middle of January last year resulting in the death of 20 Indian soldiers and an unknown number of Chinese soldiers.

India is ferociously defending its territory and trying to thwart Chinese aggressive nibbling at its territory.

Given the geopolitical realities of in the region, India remains the only bulwark against China’s aggression and expansionism.

The world needs to take stock of the situation and extend a hand to India in its resistance. It is true that even China cannot afford a war at this time. It seems to be more inclined to have a war-like situation than actual war. Bullying is a much more effective policy for it than actual warring and China has been a master of this bullying tactic and has largely been successful in using these tactics in the entire region against several neighbouring countries in the recent times.

However, it might not have factored one change in the facts on the ground – that of a change in Indian mindset and resolve.

India has changed during these few years. It has also changed its stance, tenacity and willingness in giving back a befitting reply.

China got a taste of India’s resolve to defend its borders in the clashes at Galwan valley. The fresh clashes at Naku La only underline the fact that China is no more in a position to cow down a resurgent India. And also that India would have to remain vigilant and on guard against a territory-greedy China.

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