Sunday, June 11, 2023

Liberating history inch by inch

While most of us laypersons are fast asleep when the dusk turns into dark night, the soldiers of the nation are still awake and keeping a tight vigil on the borders. They do their job silently, with dedication, and without expecting much in return.

We respect them for that. We bow to them.

And while we are deeply asleep in our colonial, defeatist and deeply entrenched hangover of centuries, there are soldiers who are fighting hard in academia, in public life and in social media to liberate ‘occupied history’ inch by inch. They too are keeping a tight vigil on the borders of Indic civilisation.

These fighters are being harassed, being thrown out of jobs, being banned on social media and being branded with different ‘epithets’ ranging from ‘fascist’ to ‘communal’ to what not.

And instead of respecting them, we loathe them. And at the least ignore them or dismiss them as ‘ruffians with an agenda’, without even pondering the issues and facts they bring to the fore.

So much for our inquisitiveness.

And of all the people fighting the ‘civilisational war’ in public space, one person is the clear leader. Look at the number of ‘historical lies, propaganda and distortion’ that he has busted within a few years. And look at the number of attacks he has had to face in a short period.

Romila Thapars, D N Jhas and Irfan Habibs ignore him as a novice. However, they do not have the courage to counter his facts and exposes.

It would be difficult to enumerate all that he has done to liberate real history from the clutches of marxist historians. We would take a look at only 6 of such myths created by motivated historians that were busted by the twitter handle @BhardwajSpeaks.

  • ‘Jai Hind’ slogan chosen by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was coined by Abid Hasan Safrani

This is a myth that has been propagated for too long and carefully. And see how he busts the myth in less than 10 sentences with historical facts and proofs.

  • Corpses in heaps is a picture of Bengal famine

Nope. This ghastly picture, reminding one of the gory modern history of India, is not exactly one depicting the infamous famine of Bengal, but a result of ‘Direct Action Day’.

And pray, what is that?

Well, you need to know about it by researching it yourself.

  • Fusion of architecture or destruction of architecture?

Famous historians from India and abroad, even Ambassadors, either fall for untruth or help in spreading it.

Walter J Lindner is German Ambassador to India. And he called Khirki Fort an ‘unusual fusion of Islamic and Hindu architecture’. Until the facts were brought to everyone’s notice. And those facts are not very comforting either.

And this soldier continues his battles without caring about the brickbats that his facts earn him.

  • Delhi is an Islamic city built by Muslims.

Well, we have all read about it and heard about it that the national capital, Delhi, is a creation of Islamic rulers and invaders and that it was carefully built by them and also that ‘there is no pre-Islamic Delhi’.

Well, it was so until the James Bond of history arrives and exposes yet another lie in style.

  • Red Fort built by Muslim rulers

The facts brought to the fore by @BhardwajSpeaks clearly show that the history was completely distorted to give credit.

  • Hindu Swastika is a Nazi symbol

Well, this is a lie that was exposed by True Indology handle long back very authoritatively. The symbol used by the Nazis was a ‘hooked cross’. Mind it, it was a cross, not a Hindu swastika. But see how a translator, a Christian priest to be precise, turned a Christian cross into a ‘Hindu swastika’.

Exposed now.

We strongly recommend that you follow @BhardwajSpeaks on Twitter for a real lesson in history and knowing true facts before going through the ‘deceitful lies’ in the name of history fed to all of us.

He also has a website and is present on Facebook as well as Instagram. And he is waging some epic battles in public domain to liberate Indian history from the clutches of ‘falsehood’.


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