The Test of tolerance

Hindus make an excellent punching bag. You can test the limits of human tolerance by punching them left and right, without any fear of any repercussion, or even slightest of ooh-aah of resistance.

And even if a few do complain, you may dismiss them as Bajrang-Dal type rowdies, or even charge them with the pet crime of a Hindu-that is of being communal-minded.

A Christian can proudly say that he is a Christian, that his name is Anthony and therefore he visits a Church regularly.

A Muslim can proudly say that he is a Muslim, that his name is Akbar and therefore he visits a mosque regularly and that he offers 5-time namaz everyday.

No one minds.

But, a Hindu must never say that he is a Hindu, and that his name is Amar and therefore he visits a temple regularly, not even on special puja days.

Because if he does that and wastes money on such visits, without thinking about the hungry children on the streets, without thinking about the environment, without thinking about the communal harmony responsibility, without thinking about the progress of science, without caring about how superstition harms the world, he must be a rowdy, Bajrang Dal and VHP activist type, out to destroy this world.

Hindus make the strangest ‘fascist’ of the world. They never massacred anyone in ancient or modern history for religion, They never carry out missions of propagation They do not believe in imposing their religion on others. Actually they themselves are easy targets of converting religions. They believe in ‘Ishwar, Allah tero naam’ one sided way. No other faith-wala believes in Ishwar-Alla tero naam. Yet, Hindus are regularly branded as ‘communal’, ‘fascists’ and ‘Bhakts’.

Anyone can target cows, deities, murtis, mandirs and religious practices and festivals of Hindus without any fear, In India and all over the world in the name of FoE and democracy.

Yet, they can’t even criticise other religions with proof and evidence without being branded as ‘communal’. Or being beheaded.

Limits of FoE and democracy are always tested on Hindus. Never on other religions. Because Hindus must remain ‘liberal’, respect ‘FoE’ and stay non-communal. They must remain slaves of ‘Ishwar-Allah tero naam’. Because Gandhi ji gave them this super-hit policy- of turning the other cheek.

And he also said very clearly – ‘Hindus are cowards’.

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