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‘Lies written in ink’ for erasing ‘facts written in blood’

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It is indeed humorous to read about the reply from NCERT to an RTI seeking to know whether its claim about ‘Hindu temples destroyed by the Mughal armies were repaired by the Mughal grants once the war was over’ had any source. NCERT’s reply is as hilarious as any response from a drab academic body can be: “The information is not available on the files of the Department.”

An RTI application was filed under Section 6(1) of the RTI Act on November 7, 2020 seeking information from NCERT about “the source from which the NCERT concluded that ‘even when temples were destroyed during war, grants were later issued for their repair-as we know from the reings of Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb”.

The second question in the RTI also sought details on “the number of temples that were repaired by Auragzeb and Shahjahan.”

The hilarious answer from NCERT to both the queries is – “The information is not available on the files of the Department.”

While the answers to the query may seem humorous on the surface, they also point out to a deep conspiracy to whitewash the ‘blood-soaked’ and ‘hate-filled’ parts of our history, especially the Mughal history.

Education system and textbooks, especially history textbooks, have been tools of a well-implemented project since independence. Or to be precise, since the time of the first education minister of the country Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. Ironically, his birthday November 11 is also celebrated every year by the country as National Education Day, a decision taken and implemented only in 2008.

For anyone who thinks that Maulana Azad was a symbol of secular education should note as to how he described himself: “a reformer, guide, of the Caravan of the Quam, the Muslims”.

However, since a Marx-soaked leftist historian is nothing if he can’t prove successfully that an ostrich is actually a horse, several generations of Indians were forced to forget everything true about their glorious past and were made to get by rote a fake and made-up narrative, where Guru Teg Bahadur was never killed by anyone and massacres never happened.

Meena Bazars, organised especially for Badshah Akbar’s extra-philosophical interests in women, where no other men were allowed, became glorious places of economic activities and commerce. A term that should have been banned from public use is now flaunted as a brand name and markets and stores are named as Meena Bazars. We really make a strange and forgetful community to be doing this. Imagine jews holding annual ‘Hitler Bazar’ and flocking it like excited babies!

Marxist historians of our country should form a company and all whitewashing contracts must be constitutionally and compulsorily allotted to them only, for they have done a marvellous job.

They have done a stellar job of twisting even those historical facts which are full of evidences, records and proofs, pointing to just the opposite of what they want to suggest.

Think of this – Mauryas ruled for 500 years, Ahoms for 650 years, Chalukyas for 600 years, Cholas for 1000 years, Pandyas for 800 years, Chandela for 400 years and Pallava for 600 years.

However, you hardly find any chapter on these dynasties in our school textbooks despite having immense contributions to history.

Mughals ruled for only 235 years. However, almost every king of Mughal dynasty has a devoted chapter in our textbooks, from Humayun to Aurangzeb.

If children should be taught about one dynasty from India, it should have been the Chola dynasty, which has left deep impact on civilisation, even in as far as Thailand and Indonesia.

If children should read about one era in history, then it should be the Gupta Era, the golden age for India, when Mathematicians, musicians and playwrights reigned supreme and there was prosperity and happiness at its zenith.

However, our ‘lust and blood’-blinded historians spent so much time in hiding the reality of ‘incestuous and fratricidal tendencies’ of Mughal kings that they ignored the glorious periods of Indian history that produced stellar writers, scholars and mathematicians in the mould of Kalidasa, Aryabhata, Brahmagupta, Mahavira, Bhaskara II, Madhava, Nilakantha.

And if you ask for proof and evidences of any trash that they have included in our textbooks, the answer is likely to be – ‘Information Not Available in Department Files.”

Indians, who have kept passing on even their shastras and vedas orally to newer generations at every stage and have had a glorious tradition of preserving history, mathematics, culture, dharma and arts, have been turned into a completely ‘manipulated community’.

Indian history can be toyed with by any 2-dollar historian from any country. And Indians themselves would continue clapping and cheering the very same forces who play with their legacy, culture and history with a view to subjugating them culturally and cerebrally.

However, truth has an uncanny habit of raising its head in your face as soon as you are convinced that it has been erased.

Means of communication, social media, internet, availability of books online and plethora of devoted scholars have brought truth to everyone’s mobile and fingertips.

Libraries are now not limited in access to only Romila Thapars and Irfan Habibs. Anyone who wishes to know truth can find resources to vet it.

There is still hope. As Lu Xun, the famous Chinese writer, much respected by the Marxists, had famously said: “Lies written in ink cannot disguise facts written in blood.”

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