Kaagaz – a movie that leaves you craving to know more about Lal Bihari

Following the journey of a common man, Kaagaz is a movie which shows the audience the real story of Lal Bihari Mritak who was declared dead between 1975 to 1994. The character is being played by well known actor Pankaj Tripathi who brings the realness in the story to the screen and keeps the audience glued to the screen throughout the one and a half hour entertainer.

The story starts with Lal Bihari who is a band player in a small village in UP seeking to take a loan to increase his business of band playing.

He decides to mortgage his land while in the process coming to know that he doesn’t own the land anymore as he has been declared dead on paper and his property has now been given to his cousins who had bribed an officer and wrongly declared him dead.

The movie transitions between the emotional and comedic scenes seamlessly with supporting characters like Sonal Gajjar contributing right amount of acting to the story, making them very much believable.

Let’s not forget about the elephant in the room Pankaj Tripathi ji himself who is playing the main protagonist for the first time. He never ceases to surprise his audience by showing his skill in acting. For a character in a story who faces a plethora of troubles. However, somehow, Pankaj Tripathi manages to bring out comedy scenes with perfect accuracy.

But even with such amazing actors on board certain parts of the writing of the script still seems a little unsatisfying. When you have an actor who completely transforms himself into the character and is giving his best by catching the eyes of the audience, you need a very good script to make the most out of that. However, compared to that the writing falls short.

The audience is left craving to know more about the journey. Certain parts of the film move very quickly without caring to put a lot of effort in making the audience more comfortable with story. Although a good thing that comes out of it is that audience crave to know more and go and read about the real Lal Bihari and his story.

Over-all it is a very positive and humorous story of a man who fights through the system to claim his life back on paper and prove the system wrong.

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