Monday, December 6, 2021

Banna Gupta supporters unleash protest blitzkrieg on SSP Dr. M Tamil Vanan

Jamshedpur: Year-end has brightened the spirit of Congress workers in Jamshedpur. It seems that by waving a magical wand, the Health Minister Banna Gupta has infused a new spirit and energy among Congressmen of the city. All are out on the streets to defend the law and order situation of the city and to protest the alleged inefficiency of SSP Dr. M Tamil Vanan.

Supporters of Banna Gupta have launched a blitzkrieg of protests in different parts of the city. Effigies are being burnt at different streets, nooks and corners of the city. It feels like Congressmen have suddenly got back their mojo of pre-independence era.

The protesting Congress workers and leaders claim that since after arrival of Dr. M Tamil Vanan the crime graph in the city has worsened a lot. They also allege that innocent persons are being sent to jails. And also that inefficient officers are getting good postings, while good ones are not getting good postings.

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However, those who know how to read between lines are not convinced. And they are not convinced that only crime graph would be a reason for a sudden activation of stingy agitation against an SSP. They feel that there must be something that has riled Congress leaders somewhere. So much so that they have decided to unleash their full street-power on the SSP.

However, no Congress leader has been able to explain as to why a partner of the ruling alliance, with ministers in the government having a hefty say in the decision-making too, has had to resort to this indirect show of power. Can Banna Gupta not rein in an erring SSP? Is he not in the good books of the Chief Minister? After all, the final decision of Home Department, postings and promotions as well as police department rest with none other than the Chief Minister Hemant Soren himself.

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Does smoke indicate some kind of political fire somewhere?

Congress workers protest against SSP of Jamshedpur Dr. M Tamil Vanan against alleged deterioration in law and order.

The answers are still unclear. However, the protests against the SSP are likely to continue into the new year.

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