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Why the East direction is so important?

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Being the direction of sunrise, the East direction is very important in our life. It illuminates the spectrum of our mental health as well as physical abilities. This direction is directly related to hope, enthusiasm, zeal and happiness.

According to our traditions, the deity of this direction is Indra, the god of victory, fortune and the king of other deities.

In the Rigved, about 250 suktas are dedicated to Indra. There are a lot of meanings and exploration of the word iIndra. In fact this word reflects the vibration of almighty God. The planet of this direction is Sun which enhances one’s will power, capabilities, continuity of actions and good deeds. If the East is well arranged, as per rules of vastu, a person can attain aforesaid qualities.

The East direction areas must be kept clean, less stuffed, light and without any heavy construction as far as possible. The land should be down here and the construction of this area also should not be high. If there is too much stuffiness, or height as well as dense construction, this will obstruct the incoming fortune. This adversely affects the opportunities, work and success. This may also health problems too. Visibility of morning Sun plays very important role in one’s life, especially for health issues.

East is best for pooja room, for study room and for various other purposes. Rooms for junior members of the family are also good here. These days, heads of the families are advised to have their bedrooms in South, West, and South-West. But this is not a hard and fast rule. Sometimes room in the East is good for the earning members, when father’s, or mother’s, room is in South and other direction. A person having strong Sun, and Jupiter in may enjoy his bedroom here. But other things should be arranged according to vastu.

Toilets are not good in East as they can cause health problems, financial challanges and lack of opportunities. It also affects the fame and prestige of the person. So avoid having bathrooms in East direction. However, taking bath and washing clothes are not prohibited in East. If there is toilet here, for some reason, try to get rid of it. Best remedy is to remove it. But if this is not possible make the area clean and full of light. Keeping tubs and bucketfuls of water is also a good remedy. There are also some other remedies depending on the the place and the person .

Keeping the East spacious and open adds to the positivity. This direction is best for gardens, open fountains, park and play grounds .

The areas close to South-East is good option for making kitchen and dining halls. One should make guest room and drawing room here too.

Divyendu Tripathy
Divyendu Tripathy
M.A., Vaastu Devagya (Astro Force Academy, New Delhi), Jyotish Samrat. Nilanjan Shashtri Memorial Award recipient. Wrote several books on Vaastu and Hindu religion. Astrology and Vaastu are areas of expertise. For consultation, call: 926 356 7691 or 709 163 0655

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