Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Need to stay on guard against corona till vaccination: Dr. Rajan Chaudhry

Pandemic on decline in city, but risk of second wave remains

Jamshedpur: Dr. Rajan Chaudhry, Advisor, Medical Services,Tata Steel today advised the citizens of Jamshedpur to remain vigilant against coronavirus and continue taking all the usual precautions to ensure that the pandemic remains on the wane till vaccines are available in the city.

Speaking to the media during a teleconference, Dr. Chaudhry said that the new variants of coronavirus reported from UK and South Africa have prompted all countries to take steps and alerts have been issued even in the city.

He said that the new variant needs caution. The Government of India is taking necessary steps for oncoming vaccination and preparations are on to vaccinate different groups of people on priority basis. However, Dr. Chaudhry added, there is need to continue observing social distancing norms for the next three months, till vaccination is available for everyone.

Dr. Chaudhry said that social distancing, masks and hand-washing are basic precautions that everyone should continue observing.

He said that although, coronavirus cases have come down in the city, if we abandon caution, there is a risk of a second wave too.

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He said that the new variant of the virus has more transmissibility and although there is no facility for variant testing in the city, the samples of the virus would be sent ot National Institute of Virology, Pune, so that they may be checked for new variants and mutations.

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Dr. Chaudhry said that the government is working overtime to ensure that all the infrastructure is put in place for vaccination and cold chain is also being ensured as the vaccine will have to be stored at 2 to 8 degree Celsius temperature.

Dr. Chaudhry said that the number of new cases have come down to only 30-35 per week, from a high of 350 per week till a few weeks back. He said that during the month of May only 2 persons died of coronavirus and the two deceased two had comorbidities.

He said that more than 1 lakh samples have been tested in TMH from May onwards.

He also said that most of the medical services have been restored in TMH and post-covid care centre too is operational now.

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