Monday, May 29, 2023

Bad Thursday for Jharkhand, 6 lives lost to Corona

Total deaths reach 977, mortality rate 0.89%, recovery rate 97.35%

Ranchi: Thursday proved to be a bad day for Jharkhand in terms of coronavirus pandemic ferocity. The pandemic claimed 6 lives in Jharkhand on Thursday, taking the total deaths caused by the pandemic to 977.

According to official data, on Thursday, 233 new cases of coronavirus infection were also detected, while 208 patients were cured and discharged.

As per official data, the state has tested a total of 42,65,795 samples till date. Out of these, 1,09,771 samples have tested positive. Even out of these, 1,06,868 patients have been cured and discharged from hospitals and home quarantine.

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For now, the state has 1,926 active cases of coronavirus infection.

The recovery rate in the state has reached 97.35%, while the mortality rate is 0.89%.


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