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A Suitable Place For Pooja Room

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Worshipping the God has been a very important duty for Indians for thousands of years. People often want to know the best place for making and decorating their pooja room or pooja place. Here we will discuss this specific subject.

Generally, North-East corner or area is proposed and preferred for pooja-ghar. This area is known as Ishan Kon. Ishan means Shiva. According to the concept of Dash -Digpala, this area is governed by Ishwara. This specific area is of very auspicious nature and of spiritual importance.

As this corner denotes the chetana or consciousness of person, performing pooja here leaves a very positive impact on one’s mind. This enhances prosperity, health and intellectual abilities. But this area must not be kept stuffed, heavy, and full of different household items. One should make this area clean, less item-ed and free, if one wants to make it an ideal place for pooja .

It is not essential to make pooja room only and always in North East direction. Sometimes making a pooja room or place here blocks the entire area and hinders the positive properties of Ishan kon. So, other options should also be considered.

The area in the East direction is another good option for pooja room, similar to the ishan kon. This direction and area is related with Sun, which indicates new opportunities, success, happiness, energy etc.

The related deity of this direction is Bhagwan Indra, blessing one with an ambitious nature and victory as well as the horizons of life. Sometimes this area is proven much better than North-East. So do not stick always with North-Eeast dogma. North direction and area is also good for this specific purpose. The deity of this area is none else than Kuber and the related planet is Buddha (Mercury). Both are related to business, prosperity and treasure.

If there is no option in these above mentioned areas, one should make his or her pooja room in the West area. The West direction is not bad either as it gives slow but concrete results in any field.

It may cause hardships but also brings in success also. Varuna is the deity for this direction and related planet is none else but Shani. Agnikon is avoided for this purpose but some specific sadhanas give better results here, especially of Shakti Cult. In my opinion, this area should be considered as the last option, when other good options are not available. North-West direction (Vayukon) has the nature of instability, so not very suitable for pooja room. But in case of ‘No -Option’ one may opt for this.

Areas of South and South-West directions should never be opted for home pooja room. It gives TAMSIK results. If there is no other option one should only desire for pure and satwik attitude and activities. If one has to opt for Pooja room here, he should do charity more and the family should practice vegetarian habits.

There is another important point relating to where to keep the idols and pictures of deities. In East or West? Generally the Est direction is best for all because East facing pooja room is suitable and fruitful for all purposes. But if there has been a Chal Pran Pratistha done at home, different rules are to be followed.

Different facings are mentioned in shastras for different devatas. Generally Vaishnav murtis are of East facings, murtis of Durga or Kali are to be kept South facing, Hanuman jee at West facing.

Many rules are to be followed if pran pratistha has been done at home. In that situation, the rules applied depend on different cults and paramparas. But generally we should keep the pictures and murtis in West direction so that one does pooja facing East. This is a widely accepted norm.

Divyendu Tripathy
Divyendu Tripathy
M.A., Vaastu Devagya (Astro Force Academy, New Delhi), Jyotish Samrat. Nilanjan Shashtri Memorial Award recipient. Wrote several books on Vaastu and Hindu religion. Astrology and Vaastu are areas of expertise. For consultation, call: 926 356 7691 or 709 163 0655


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