Cong office vandalised in Mango
Cong office vandalised in Mango

Stones pelted at Mango vikash Samity president’s residence

Jamshedpur: Some miscreants vandalised the Congress Office and the residence of Mango Vikas Samity president Onkar Singh Sunday morning at Post Office Road area under the jurisdiction of Mango police station. Stones were also pelted in the incident.

The entire incident has been captured by CCTV camera. Police say that the accused was sent to jail even in an earlier case in which stones were pelted at Onkar Singh’s house.

On the other hand, Onkar Nath Singh said that the miscreants were also carrying out a reconnaissance of his family members.

He said that he is also a member of Mango Shanti Samity and this is the reason that whenever he raises his voice against the illegal trade going on in the area, the miscreants try to intimidate him by attacking his house.

Meanwhile, the Congress block president has asked the district administration to arrest the criminals within 12 hours and said that if they are not arrested, an agitation would be launched.

The miscreants have also torn out the posters displayed in the office.

Congress office at Mango vandalised and stone pelted at Mango Vikas Samity’s president Onkar Nath Singh’s house.

Meanwhile, the police are investigating the matter and are trying to arrest the miscreants.


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