Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Chhath: A bouquet of Best of Hinduism

Jamshedpur: Crores of people in Bihar and Jharkhand, as well as other states, are celebrating Chhath. Today is the first day of Arghya. The Arghya or obeisance to the Sun God would be offered in evening. An obeisance of the Sun God on the decline. An obeisance to ‘Sun Set’ with a faith that it would soon turn into a ‘Sun Rise’ tomorrow. A unique festival that worships a setting Sun as well as a rising Sun.

Chhath is the biggest and most pious festival of people from Bihar and Jharkhand. It represents the best of Hinduism, in its most pristine form, completely in sync with nature and completely devoid of any ostentation.

You can literally complete the rituals and observe the festival with two bowls of water and gain the same joy and satisfaction as any other devotee can get.

Chhath is also a festival that brings out the best in the people of Bihar. For those 4 days and a few days before and after the festival, Biharis are at their possible best. Pious, kind, clean and community-oriented.

Even as the world grapples with Corona pandemic for the last several months on end, several crores of people are all busy celebrating Chhath, one of the biggest festivals of Bihar, Jharkhand and UP.

Pinning their hopes on the Sun God in these trying times, the devotees will be offering obeisance to the deity amidst many constraints.

For many, Chhath not only means an annual festival, but it also symbolises mankind’s eternal bonding with nature.

As CChhath songs fill the air with serenity and devotion, it’s time for the Bihari diaspora to be one with their age-old cultural practice which dates back to Mahabharata.

While resmption of bus and train services has brought back many migrants home, there are still many who would have to miss the festivity.

This year many from Bihar and JharkhandI couldn’t make it to their hometowns and villages, however, this has failed to dampen their devotion and fervour.

Chhath is a festival when every person with roots in Bihar likes to enjoy being at the ghat with family and friends. The festival gives an unparalleled experience in terms of spirituality and socialising. Chhath is also a festival that is deeply embedded in Bihar and Jharkhand’s very own rich tribal cultural practices.

Chhath: A Celebration of bonding with nature

Adivasis too, worship nature. So there is a connect that is hard to miss.



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