scooter theft
scooter theft

Jamshedpur: A thief stole a Bajaj Classic scooter parked outside Sidhgora Mandir and easily escaped right under the nose of security forces deployed at the place.

While the district administration and the city police are fully focused on seeing the Chhath festival off peacefully, it seems that thieves are finding it an opportune moment to hone their skill.

While, social organisations and political parties were distributing prasad material among Chhath puja devotees, a thief came quietly and using a duplicate key sneaked away with the scooter of a devotee who had gone inside the temple.

When the devotee came out, he found that his scooter was missing. The police force was present outside, but could not realise that the person who was going with the scooter did not own it.

According to the victim, he had borrowed the scooter from his neighbour to take Chhath prasad material from the temple.

Scooter theft outside Sidhgora Surya Mandir.

The entire theft sequence was captured on CCTV camera. The police advised the theft victim to report the incident in the police station. Complaint has been lodged and the police have started investigations into the incident. No arrest has been made yet.

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