Jamshedpur Mahanagar BJP protests against Chhath Ban
Jamshedpur Mahanagar BJP protests against Chhath Ban

Hindu outfits clean river ghats before Chhath Puja

Jamshedpur: Bhartiya Janata Party and other pro-Hindu outfits have started opposing the government order to ban Chhath Puja in public water bodies. They also shouted slogans against the CM Hemant Soren and Health Minister Banna Gupta.

Jamshedpur Mahanagar BJP organised a Jal Satyagraha in Swarnarekha river and several workers of the party criticised the Hemant government’s decision to ban Chhath. They also demonstrated against the state government.

The state spokesman of BJP Kunal Sarangi termed it as a politics of appeasement. He also alleged that Congress was misleading the Chief Minister on the issue of Chhath festival, which is a major festival for Hindus.

Earlier, the guideline issued by the state government banning the Chhath festival in public water bodies was criticised by several parties.

Hindu outfits are cleaning the Chhath ghats before the Chhath festivals.

Bhojpuri Chetna Manch and other outfits are cleaning the different chhath ghats. They have also said that if the district administration and local bodies do not clean the ghats in time, then all the waste coming out of the chhath ghats would be dumped at their gates.

The outfits have also warned Jusco to not ignore their own role and said that if Jusco does not play a positive role, even they would have to face the consequences.

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Jamshedpur Mahanagar BJP and Bhojpuri Chetna Manch organise protest and Jal Satyagrah against ban on Chhath and also cleans the Chhath ghats.

On the other hand, the state government too has relaxed its guidelines and has now allowed the devotees to offer puja in water bodies with certain conditions.


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