Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Jharkhand is 20-years-young now, let us celebrate!


The state of Jharkhand is celebrating its 20th Foundation Day today. It is a day of happiness, joy and celebration for all the people of this state. Being young and energetic at 20 gives the state a unique youthful opportunity to leap into the future.

There would always be naysayers, perennial mourners and lamenters who would point out ritually that nothing much has changed in Jharkhand at the ground level during the last 20 years. It is usually good to ignore such elements. Because, the pride, the happiness, the ownership that a common man of Jharkhand feels today is extraordinary and only a true son can sense the difference between being close to one’s mother and being separated from her. Same is the case of a motherland. You need to have a bond with your motherland to sense the difference.

There was a time when Jharkhand was governed from Patna. Those who have seen those times would perceive the difference in the situation.

It was a long struggle of the sons-of-the-soil, their sacrifices and the sagacity of Atal Behari Vajpayee that made the dreams of crores of Jharkhandis come true.

The native, uncorrupted, unsullied, uninfluenced, unconverted tribal communities of Jharkhand are undoubtedly among the most peaceful, humane, natured and civilised human populations existing on this earth.

A separate Jharkhand state, that is taking rapid strides towards development and an inclusive progress, is a dream that is only part-achieved. But even this part-achieved dream is enough to swell the chest of every person from Jharkhand with pride.

It is a day of humility and an occasion to bow before martyrs who fought hard for a separate state. It is also a day of joy and celebration for each resident of Jharkhand.

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