People, generally, have negative thoughts about South-facing entrances. Here, I present some useful scenarios and easy remedial measures to minimise the negativity associated with South-facing entrances of buildings and houses.

Normally, if the main entrance is located in the center area of South, the following measures should be taken.

(1) The Lord of south is Mars. His colour is red and related metal is copper. Copper enhances the positivity of this direction. So, this metal may be used for remedial purpose, as in the form of grill-work or as any auspicious image.

(2) Red or similar colours should be used in this area. But, green colour controls the southern negativity. According to Feng sui, the element of South is wood. Green represents wood. So, green is very auspicious here. If the native is Mars-oriented or of Jupiter group, red is useful, otherwise green is suitable. Green is much more suitable.

(3) Wood work may be done here for more positive results.

(4) ..Greeenary is good here, but thorny plants should be avoided

(5) Image of panchmukhi Hanuman should be installed here.

If the main entrance of south is close to South-West direction following remedies should be taken..

(1) Make double entrance here, one behind the other, i.e. one after the other. There must be kept some empty space between the two. That space may be decorated with greenery and clay items .Both entrances must have double shafts (pallas).

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(2) Yellow, cream, coffee, and biscuit colours enhance the auspicious effects here.

(3) Greenery and Panchmukhi Hunaman must be placed here.

(4) Ceramic and clay items may be used for decoration purpose.

If the main entrance is located near the south -east corner, following remedies should be made.

(1) Green and grey colours are suitable for such entrances. Bright colours are also useful.

(2) Wooden items should be used for decoration here.

(3) A statue or image of Panchmukhi Hanuman should also be placed.

Double shaft doors are auspicious for all areas and entrances. It brings about a balance in positive energy.

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