Thursday, June 17, 2021

Win that matters!

US president election has always been very important to the world but this time it was way too significant. The era of Trump will be remembered as the era of dismantling of America’s superpower image that existed since World War II. It exposed many things about America.It has broken illusion about America being the strongest and the wisest nation. It has also revealed that the racial divide is not past, it still exists.

Trump came into power with the slogan ‘America First’ that has been rejected by voters in the current election.There is a clear message that humanity stands first. Loving country at the cost of humanity and decency is not acceptable. The victory of Joe Biden has given a clear message that America believes in democracy, equality, freedom and rationale. In fact, every common man of the world wants the same.

The lessons India can learn from the American elections is that people want peace and harmony. The past is important but not at the cost of present. Identity is important but not at the cost of unity. The divided world is good for no one. And please, ideological segregation needs to stop because tilting towards one side leads to imbalance and certainly the world does not want that.

Dr. Neha Tiwari
Dr Neha Tiwari is an academic, writer, critic and filmmaker. She has been nominated as a member of the jury for best writing in cinema for the 65th national film awards. She has written 6 state-level radio feature and 1 Serial for AIR. Her area of interest includes media, literature and life. She teaches in Karim City College Jamshedpur as an assistant professor of English. She is also nurturing Mass Communication as professor Incharge since 2005.

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