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Saryu Roy’s Baridih office vandalised, party worker injured

Jamshedpur East MLA blames ‘losers’ frustration’

Jamshedpur: The office of Saryu Roy, MLA, Jamshedpur East and former minister at Baridih has been reportedly attacked by some miscreants on Wednesday.

Saryu Roy reached his Baridih office soon after receiving information about the incident.

Saryu Roy's Baridih office attacked and vandalised by miscreants
Saryu Roy’s Baridih office attacked and vandalised by miscreants

He later said that some people are venting their anger on his office and his supporters and party workers after having lost in elections.

He said that his party workers are ready to take on such frustrated people.

Saryu Roy's party worker attacked and injured in Baridih office
Saryu Roy’s party worker attacked and injured in Baridih office

According to information received, Saryu Roy’s office is situated in Baridih and at around 5 p.m. around 4 miscreants barged into the office and started assaulting a BJM worker Amit Kumar, who was in the process of closing the office.

The miscreants, reportedly, also issued threats against those who are working and supporting Saryu Roy. They also vandalised the office and damaged the gas cylinder and oven and tried to set the office on fire. But, somehow they failed in their attempt.

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Soon after receiving the information, Saryu Roy arrived at the office with his supporters and sought information about the attack.

Sidhgora police too arrived at the site soon. The BJM workers and leaders were quite agitated at the incident. However, Saryu Roy pacified them and said that the police should be allowed to investigate the matter.

Saryu Roy’s Baridih office attacked, vandalised, party worker assaulted and injured.

Later, Saryu Roy termed it as brazen goondaism of miscreants. He said that those who could not digest their defeat are carrying out such attacks.

It may be recalled here that even earlier on September 21, 2020 Saryu Roy’s party office-bearer was fired at near the Sitaramdera Office near J H Tarapore School.

According to sources, at that time, a miscreant had fired at the co-convenor of BJM Sunday night and then had escaped from the site.

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