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Define amenities and benefits to citizens before decision on industrial township status: Saryu Roy

Jamshedpur: The issue of constituting a corporation in Jamshedpur or declaring it an industrial township is once again under focus these days. Saryu Roy, former minister and MLA from Jamshedpur East today spoke to the media on the issue. He also questioned the state-level meeting held on Monday over this.

A major part of Jamshedpur falls under Tata lease. However, outside Tata lease major part of the land falls under 86 bustees. The residents of these 86 bustees have been demanding ownership title to the land they have been residing on for years. However, despite promises by different political parties and political leaders, the issue could not be taken to the logical conclusion for one or the other reason.

Jamshedpur Roads
Jamshedpur township.

Even the issue of formation of a corporation in Jamshedpur and thereby devolving the third right to vote on its citizens, or declaring it as an industrial township, too could not be resolved.

The erstwhile Raghubar Das government had taken an initiative to regularise the 86 bustees on lease basis. However, Saryu Roy today said that Jamshedpur can be declared as an industrial township under the provisions of the constitution. However, before doing so, it should be clearly defined as to what benefits would the public of this city get in return. He said that the people of Jamshedpur must get all those amenities which normally are available to any industrial township.

He said that anything should be done as per the constitution. He also raised questions over the meeting held on the issue on Monday. He said that the issue is related to the land and revenue department. However, he said, the revenue secretary was not invited to the meeting. He said that only holding a meeting at the level of urban development secretary would not address the issue. An inter-departmental approach and integrated strategy is required to resolve this issue, so that everyone is benefited, he said.

Mr. Roy also raised questions over the suggestion that the bustees be included again in Tata lease area.

Saryu Roy says that amenities to citizens must be defined before any decision on industrial township for Jamshedpur.

It may be mentioned here that Article 243Q in the Constitution of India does have a provision for notification of an industrial township.

Article 243Q

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