Munawwar Rana's interview with Zee TV that kicked up a controversy

Hindi poet Kumar Vishwas responds: “नर्म अल्फ़ाज़ भली बातें मोहज़्ज़ब लहजे, पहली बारिश ही में ये रंग उतर जाते हैं..!”

Bengaluru: An FIR has been filed against Urdu Poet Munawwar Rana for allegedly ‘supporting’ terrorist acts in France. Munawwar Rana has kicked up a controversy by saying in a TV interview with Zee TV that he too would have ‘killed’ someone if he made such a ‘dirty’ cartoon of his father or mother.

He said: ‘If someone makes such a cartoon about any god or goddess, of Ma Sita or Bhagwan Ram, which is obscene and objectionable then I would kill him.”

Munawwar Rana is a well-known poet of Urdu and has been in the news for the controversies he creates on regular basis.

His critics also blame him for taking liberty with facts and data without any compunction.

In the same interview, he also added: “In India honour killing has been ‘justified’ for thousands of years and there has been punishment, then how can we call that (France attacks) unjustified?’

However, his critics point out that he has been dreaming about such ‘distorted facts’. They point out that in the attempt to defend terror act, he lied in the interview by saying that in India ‘honour killings’ have got sanction for thousand of years. They also pointed out that he added the names of Hindu deities in an attempt to sound secular, however, he has hardly ever uttered a word when people abuse or sully the image of Hindu deities or speak against Hinduism.

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Zee TV interview in which Munawwar Rana made those controversial remarks.

His remark has kicked up a storm on social media and people have been criticising him. Some wondered if he ever said anything when M F Hussain was making paintings of Hindu goddesses or when anyone speaks against Hindu gods and goddesses.

Hindi poet Kumar Vishwas responded with his own poetic style saying that ‘the mask of liberalism colour got unwashed in the first rains’

True Indology also mentioned his past record.

Others on social media also called out his hypocrisy.

And there were some handles like Murali Jai Hind who responded with a cartoon titled ‘Shayari Jehad’.

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It may be added here that at least four persons have been killed in France in terror acts over Prophet cartoon controversy. There have been demonstrations all over the world in Islamic nations and there have been calls made to boycott French products too.

Munawwar Rana has had a Jamshedpur connection as he has visited Jamshedpur in the past and has taken part in Mushairas organised by Tata Steel here.


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